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A brute-force Search for DCII Starting with a Regular Channel

1)A brute force search begins

With a "black channel" (no video, no sound) OR a "grey fuzz" channel , the channel will have a strong signal on it. Characterize it.

2)guage the signal

a good signal will be a lot, comparable to an analog signal, use options 5.

3)Get the Polarity from options 65 line J

a)press options
b)press 6
c)press 5
d)arrow down to J.
e)note the polarity

4)Get the I.F. frequency from Diagnostics C

a)press options
b)press 6
c)press 0
d)press 5
e)use the right arrow to arrow over to Diagnostics C
f)Look at line 4, in the middle
g)note the number 0:0 1090.000
h)the first 0 is the Channel Catalog number. All Channels listed in the IPG have unique number. The actual number 0 means channel is not in the IPG.
I)the second 0 is the Service Number. The service number is used to differentiate between channels in a DCII multiplex.
J)the third number is the I.F. frequency value. The 4DTV always expresses the I.F. to 3 decimal places. It will have a value between 950.000 and 1450.000

5)Now that we have all those parameters......

We now try to find a satellite to match.
Let's review. we know that this channel has:
a)a signal
b)a horizontal polarity
c)an I.F. Frequency of 1090.000

Using The Charts, we can find a generic satellite to match the above parameters.

6)The Charts reveal that CF is perfect for the job.

a)press Options

b)Press 6

c)press 4

d)press 4

e)arrow down to CF

f)press enter

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