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Windows sharing on NT

To make a folder visible to the outside world, you must enable it and set permissions:

1) Open Windows Explorer and select the drive and folder so as to make it current. This MUST be a LOCAL drive on your PC.

2) Click on the folder with the Secondary (usually the RIGHT) Mouse button to bring up the menu choices:

Note: your menu choices may look different

3)Click on Sharing... to bring up the sharing menu:

4)Click on the dot next to Shared as: , then type a name in the Share Name box:

note that the current folder name comes up by default, you may chosse another.

5) Click on the button to bring up the screen that allows you to decide who can do what there.

Warning: By default, the permissions are set to Everyone Full Control, setting the permissions incorrectly may allow unintended users to access your hard drive ! use great care.

6) Change Everyone Full Control to Everyone Read by changing the entry in the Type of Access box to Read.

7)Click on then on then on and it is now shared.

8) you can verify this by going to the computer in the network neighborhood and opening it up: