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Getting your MIRC to Chat

Note For advanced users: You can now use direct URLS for all your rooms with MIRC:


for example irc://


Ten Easy steps to doing MIRC for new users

1)Get MIRC

Goto and download it.

2)Install it

Find the folder you saved it in and run it to install it

3)start MIRC

It normally will make an entry in the start menu.

Find it, if installation went well , by clicking on start / all programs/ MIRC/ Mirc


4)After installation, a little setup is required

Get the guy's pic off the screen first.

When you fire up MIRC it looks like this:

Now MIRC is shareware not Freeware. You can register it at

To stop the popup guy, uncheck that checkbox on About and click the red X.


5)Introduce yourself to mIRC 

After the guys popup pic is gone, the First time you run mIRC, you will need to set it up. The mIRC options panel will be on the screen:

If yours does not look like the picture, use the Scroll Bar under category and push it up, then Click on Connect. It should look like the picture then.

6)Fill in a little information and choose a nickname or 2:

So you are back on the mIRC options page, now you must fill in a little about you in the Full name and Email address places.

Choose a nickname and an alternate choice and enter those. Your screen will look like the one below:

7)You are now Ready to Connect

Click on the Connect to IRC Server button to start the connection process.

The first time you connect it will look like this:

8)Get rid of mIRC's Extraneous room list.

The room list that pops up at first is for Mirc as used elsewhere. This is not a Dream Chat Room List so

a)Uncheck the box that says pop up folder on connect, and

b)hit the Red X on the mIRC Channels Folder when you see it:

Then you will be left with this:

You are ready to visit  a room.

9) Joining a room: Room Lists and Channels

Click on the Blue Globe (channels) on the toolbar and this screen appears:

Click on Get List! to Get the List of channels:

To Enter a Room, Double-Click the Channel name you want and that rooms window opens in mIRC:


10) Joining an unlisted room:

If the room you want is private, or you are the first one on the server to go to that room, it may not not be listed on the channel list You will need to Join that channel, here's how:

With mIRC you can use menu commands to do ordinary things. Say you wanted to join the room #new2msntv and it was not on the channel list, you use the join command from the menu:

That would bring up this dialogue:

Clicking ok takes you into the room you wanted.

Now Notice as we have been going along there are now 2 rooms and the channel list opened.

Each of the items we opened, you can return to just by clicking on the corresponding name in that bar below the icon bar.

mIRC can do Much More than this, but that's all we have time for today.