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A Master Reset:

Warning: If you are a newbie, or unsure of  setting up your system from the ground up, have your friend/dealer/installer do the MR.

1)You have to get your system's vitals so you know what to put back in after the MR.

Things you will need to know before doing the MR:

Make a checklist [ get 1 here] with the information you will need to put back into the unit, including:

a) Timers: Make note of all timers first. They will be erased during the MR.

b) The dish limits. You will need to know the numbers for your dish limits. Here's how to find them:

         1.b.1)Press OPTIONS then 6 4 3.

         1.b.2)You should be on the Dish Limits screen. Make note of the East and West Limit Values.

c) Make note of the LNB and arm settings (eg. Rotated 90Deg, Linear/East, etc.)

d) Make note of the Satellites you have programmed in.

          Here is how:

           1.d.1)Press OPTIONS 6 4 4

           1.d.2)Make a table with columns listing:
                    |Sat| position| H| V|

                   a) Each checked satellite

                   b) the dish position of each sat

                   c) the skew for H and V for each sat

                   (to get this data,

                    c.1.b) move the yellow box to a checked satellite and press ENTER,

                    c.1.c) read the screen: the top line says "Move Dish To" and a number. That number is your dish position , write it in the table.

                    c.1.d) The third line shows H and V and some numbers. These are the skew values. Write them in the table.

                    c.1.e) To get out of the screen, use GO BACK and choose DON'T SAVE. )


2) Move your Dish to 5000. This ensures that the exact same spot will be assigned to the number 5000.

3) Press OPTIONS then 6 7 7 8. You will then be on a hidden screen. Arrow Down to Factory Reset.

4) when Factory Reset is highlighted, press ENTER, the unit will go to WM UP.

5) After Warm Up,  you need to enter the LNB and arm settings, then set the Dish Limits and program in the G9 icon at the G0 Position. Refer to the Table you made for the correct values for G0. The reason we are now using G9 is because G0 was blasted from memory during the reset

6) Once you Program in G9, go to channel 9. Verify there is a DC Lock.

7) You will notice that the channel count and satellite tables look funny. Leave it on Channel 9 until you see G9 turn into G0.

8) The maps will continue to load, before programming in the rest of the satellites, wait for complete maps (about 20 minutes, off or on)

9) Tune to ch. 300. The front panel should now display G0 instead of G9. You will need a Provider ID transmitted to you. Call your Provider and ask them for a Rehit. Channel 300 should appear.

10) Program in the rest of the satellites.

11) Press Guide and load the IPG

Takes about 30 minutes.