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The Hand of GOD:My boss walked away from this accident...... Click here to see what's left of the vehicle!



Click on the dish, C , or LNB assembly below for 3 different wildfeeds Lists. Try getting THESE programs on your DBS dish.

My Big Useful Dish
Here is my big, beautiful useful C/Ku/DBS Dish
My Big Useful LNB Pak -or- How to get a DBS LNBF onto your C/Ku system at 3:30 in the morning.
Here is my big, beautiful useful C/Ku/DBS LNB/feedhorn/etc. assembly
Click to see the old dish site

The Smathers Page - Required reading if you're into the big dish, or want to get one.

4DTV Section

4DTV Glossary of Terms C and Ku slates
4DTV Satellite <---> Real names chart basselope 4DTV page
4DTV Master Reset  paraclypse 4DTV Page
Fix your IPG DRLev's Satellite Page
Step By Step Guide: How to Tune CF@T5 4DTV forum
Generic Satellite Frequency/Polarity/Speed Layout Chart with Actual and I.F. Frequencies Brute-Force DCII signal Search starting with only a regular channel like C4-18


DVB Section

Step by Step Guide: Manually entering channels into the Pansat 200A  MPEG forum
getting your Pansat 200a to tell you the audio PIDs

 of a multi-channel mux or alternate audio.


MPEG-2 DVB Tutorial what those 3 little letters really mean

Satellite News Rack

Lyngsat - Satellite chart Sports on Satellite - they're a DSS Shill, but a decent indicator of what feeds to look for..
MSNBC   onsat
CNN multichannel
dbsdish[temporary home] satellite times
skyreport SatBiz News

Satellite Radio, sometimes





Relevant Web Sites
* NOAA's Space Weather
* NOAA's Space Environment Center
* NOAA's Space Weather Scales
* NOAA Space Weather Advisories
* Today's Space Weather Forecast -- Includes the latest image of the sun
  from Earth-based telescopes positioned around the world.
* Real-time images of the Sun from NASA's SOHO Satellite

Audio Bible



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Yahoo Go WebPage
delphi friend Lisa's page
Excite Church! Amen
Office 2000 visit from Bill Gates
Weather Color WeatherRadar in motion SatEllite Loop   Email address 
There isn't anything wrong with your system, Go to my Original Web Page. first web page WebTV Area

WebTV, VERY convenient when DXing the BUD  

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Click for Mountain View, California Forecast Click for Denver, Colorado Forecast

LSD Section - When you can only have a little dish (or 2 or 3) 

[Equipment specs vary outside the US mainland: 6' in the Caribbean, 8' in Alaska]


DVB that ONLY Works on DiSH

DPages- powered by DishPlayer!

Dishplayer Forum #1(former dbsdish guy)

Dishplayer Forum #2(avscience)

Dishplayer Forum#3(




Home of the Echostar Knowledge Base

more DBS forums

Directv news:alt.dss 

Bad Day? 

Cable Customers: Look Familiar? 

Click here! Fun with Prevue Guide, Thanks AT&T!






$ilcon Valley


Janet Reno:Whazzup????
What the "Jack-Booted Thug" actually said to the fisherman            

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