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Bill Gates came for a visit to my workplace not too long ago, he did not come to see me specifically, but to see my company. 

He gave a speech and the atmosphere in the auditorium was like a rock show or a basketball game. 

We got 3rd row, right near the stage, about 15 feet. 

During the minutes leading up to the show, robotic cameras flashed random shots of the audience on the 3 giant video screens .

I  thought it was fun, you know, like at a sports arena where they do that during breaks in the action. 

Well, I have been to enough events to know that there are usually signs in the crowd and 

as Janet had just got through putting my stock into the toilet the day before, and the thugs had just done "the Miami Raid," 

 I asked the lady sitting next to me for her pen and paper and I made this little sign, which now hangs on My Office 2000 wall: 

I had to write the letters like that so it would be visible on the giant video screen as the cameras at that moment were on a wide view of several rows.  

They cranked up the song "In the Air Tonight" really really loud and right as it ended Bill Gates arrived on stage, to thunderous applause.

He gave a very reassuring speech about the future and direction of my company and how it fits in with the Technology revolution. .  

After the show, the lady who had given me the sign materials had started talking about how some rock band's breakfast had been auctioned on EBAY for over $3000. 

She suggested that Bill Gates's water might be worth something but she did not want to go up and get it. So as everyone was leaving I grabbed it for her but she didn't want it.

Now who would Pay a bunch of money for Bill Gates's water? I don't know, it lives in my Office 2000, it's what we call a conversation piece.