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Wildfeeds are programs that are fed between studios and networks or studios and TV stations. These usually feed up to a week early and many without commercials. Watching a show  the day before it airs, without commercials, now THAT'S Ultimate TV!

Click on the dish, C , LNB assembly, or plain hyperlink below for 4 different wildfeeds Lists. Try getting THESE programs on your DBS dish.

My Big Useful Dish
Here is my big, beautiful useful C/Ku/DBS Dish
My Big Useful LNB Pak -or- How to get a DBS LNBF onto your C/Ku system at 3:30 in the morning.
Here is my big, beautiful useful C/Ku/DBS LNB/feedhorn/etc. assembly


click here to see grandma and grandpa and the kids get cybervanadlized for lying about C-Band

The Smathers Page - Required reading if you're into the big dish, or want to get one.


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