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My Big Useful LNB Pak -or- How to get a DBS LNBF onto your C/Ku system at 3:30 in the morning.
Here is my big, beautiful useful C/Ku/DBS LNB/feedhorn/etc. assembly

The Smathers Page - Required reading if you're into the big dish, or want to get one.

LSD (Mini Dish) Section - When you can only have a little dish (or 2 or 3) 

[Equipment specs vary outside the US mainland: 6' in the Caribbean, 8' in Alaska]

U.S. DBS Frequency/polarity schedule for 61.5, 91, 101, 110 and 119Deg West

DiSH Network



Home of the Echostar Knowledge Base of good dishplayer stuff

more DBS forums

I want PTV . Com

DPages- powered by DishPlayer!

Dishplayer Forum #1(former dbsdish guy)

Dishplayer Forum #2(avscience)

Dishplayer Forum#3(



Channel 201 news:alt.dss 
WebTV's Bruce Leak goes on CNN-fn's Biz Buzz to introduce Ultimate TV  The Tanya Memme  Channel - DirecTV Exclusive!

Oh Canada! Our chance to see DBS TV North of the Border

expressvu Canada Star Choice Canada


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