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4DTV Section

4DTV Glossary of Terms C and Ku slates
4DTV Satellite <---> Real names chart basselope 4DTV page
4DTV Master Reset  paraclypse 4DTV Page
How to Fix your IPG DRLev's Satellite Page
How to Fix your Channel Maps 4DTV forum
Brute-Force DCII signal Search

starting with only a regular channel like C4-18

4DTV Authorization States from Diagnostic B: A-P Q-Z
Generic Satellite Frequency/Polarity/Speed Layout Chart with Actual and I.F. Frequencies HITS frequencies
PBS Schedule X Feed Calendar tuning cf on Ku
Step By Step Guide: How to Tune CF@T5 Repair Shop
Main 4DTV DVB WildFeeds NEWS My Other Stuff MiniDish