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DVB Section

Digital Wildfeeds List NOW at ESPEE!!!! The Best Site for Feeds! Set privacy for Low if using IE6.  
Step by Step Guide: Manually entering channels into the Pansat 200A  MPEG forum

Changing around the order in which channels appear in the Pansat 200A channel list 

MPEG-2 DVB Tutorial what those 3 little letters really mean
Doing a Master Reset on the Pansat 200A - Do not try this at home :) Mike Kohl Global Communications
Getting UPN with the 200A  
U.S. DBS Frequency/polarity schedule for 61.5, 91, 101, 110 and 119Deg West getting your Pansat 200a to tell you the audio PIDs

 of a multi-channel mux or alternate audio.


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